From shop CAPSULESEEDS. The inner leaves turn bright red when the plant produces a compact, pinkish inflorescence that is followed by yellowish fruits that are edible but highly acidic. Hechtia huamelulaensis is native to.. Hechtia lanata is... Billbergia ssp. Bromeliads and Succulents - Outdoor Grown. Unique climate based search for more than 1,000 locations. It is easily cultivated in most tropical climates. Only a very few bromeliads self pollinate. A wonderful variety of Air Plants / Tillandsia for sale online by award winning gardener Andrew Gavin. Wholesale Price List We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! GregorianaGiant Lobelia / Gin and Tonic Lobelia10 SeedsReaching up to 1.5m.. Plant Pots, Feeds and Useful for the Garden! We also wholesale & retail Alcantareas. Buy tropical bromeliads for sale online. This terrestrial bromeliad forms a fairly large rosette of dark green, sword-shaped leaves that are spiny along their edges. The club-shaped inflorescences produce many blueish green flowers. Fresh seeds at fair prices. Enter your search keyword . Bromeliads - Neoregelia Seeds CAPSULESEEDS. Identification: We certify that all seeds are correctly identified and are only sourced from cultivated plants if we can be sure that they are not hybridised. Please TEXT ME ON MY MOBILE if you would like to buy any of the plants. Excluding VAT We have been cultivating bromeliads and dahlias for 10 years and we now have a large collection of rare plants. It forms a rosette of broad, straplike leaves with slightly spiny edges. At anthesis the center flushes deep red. Bromeliads. Worldwide shipping at low rates. For customers within the European Union (VAT does apply). Minis, landscape, rare and unusual species. The slender inflorescence can reach to about 3 m tall. (1), Specialist Composts and Growing Medium (3), Fosterella Villosula - 25 Seeds - Bolivia Bromeliad Bromelia, Lobelia Gregoriana ssp Gregoriana - 10 Seeds - Gin and Tonic Plant. It has broad, straplike, green leaves with toothed margins and produces an upright, whitish wooly infl.. A medium-sized bromeliad that is widely distributed as an epiphyte in tropical forests between Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. 'Hallelujah' and 'Darth Vader' are stunning hybrids with broad, reddish to black, intensely mottled or banded leaves. Wairere are highly regarded as an experienced growers – our wholesale nursery and business has been established for over 15 years. It makes a bold plant for the tropical garden, where it can be grown on large trees but also on the ground or in cont.. A large, epiphytic bromeliad native to the Atlantic Coastal Forest in southeastern and southern Brazil. Home of Tillandsia and Bromeliads for sale in the UK. Subscribe to our famous monthly newsletter featuring our latest arrivals. the West Indies, and are characterized by flowers with a deeply cleft To start a bromeliad from seed, you must first collect the seed. We have a large inventory of larger bromeliads, more suited to picking up at the nursery if possible . From the canopy of the rainforest to the harshest of deserts, there is truly a brom for every garden. 1m Full sun A truly spectacular bromeliad which performs best when grown in full sun. If you like, you may also view a listing of our entire collection at the ‘ Collection’ page. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. We supply enthusiasts and collectors as well as botanical gardens, nurseries and seed dealers of all sizes. An attractive, usually epiphytic bromeliad native to rainforests in Central and South America between Honduras and Bolivia, usually at low to medium elevations but in Colombia found to 2000 m. It forms an upright rosette of broad, pale green leaves with prickly edges and a long-lasting, very colorfu.. A very large bromeliad native to forests from the Caribbean to Central and northern South America, where it is found growing on trees and cliff faces. calyx, and rosettes of tough leaves. Price is $6 per plant. $7.99. Superior quality, viability and correct identification is ensured by renowned palm expert Tobias W. Spanner. NEOREGELIA TREASURE CHEST. I have 3 potted money plants for sale. Silver upper-sides of leaves, and dark burgundy red undersides. Monday – Friday: 10 am – 4 pm Regular price Sale price $20.00 Save $0.00 Bold white margins contrast with deep green leaves that blush reddish in strong light. ORANGE CLIVIA MINIATA SEEDS - QTY 20 FOR $27 (EB10E SEEDS) (A 9999 Rev.6 – 11.08.2019; A 9022 R20; 6980) Quality Orange Clivias Seeds. Buy It Now. We sell fine tissue culture, tube stock and potted bromeliad plants suitable for home gardens and landscaping. Bromeliad Seeds. Shop with confidence. Aechmea aquilega makes a bold plant for the tropica.. A large, epiphytic bromeliad native to rainforests from eastern Mexico to northwestern Venezuela with broad, tonguelike, green leaves with spiny margins and long, red inflorescences. This is a hybrid between the two cultivars. For those who loved the compact wholesale list from our old website, we have set up a quick and easy reference list with botanical names and wholesale prices. Copyright 1997 - 2021 ©, Billbergia sp. similar to anthurium, and crotons etc, and we are talking about the three subfamilies here. It forms low spreading rosettes with arching leaves to about 40 cm tall, armed with recurved spines, distributed along the margins.. A beautiful and rare, small bromeliad described in 2014 with 30 to 40 broad, succulent, pale to yellow green leaves, sometimes with reddish margins, that narrow to a fine, elegantly recurving tip. Bromeliads. There are some special requirements for their successful germination, and if we can supply these requirements, then you will find that raising bromeliads from seed can be both relative easy, and rewarding. Many new and rare species are constantly being added. Featured This Week. Welcome to Wholesale Bromeliads of Australia - the place to come to buy top quality bromeliads. Get the best deals on Bromeliad Houseplants. Watch; DYCKIA CHORISTAMINEA. It produces edible and divinely flavored fruits, known as 'chupones' that are said to combine the flavor of pineapple, coconut and kiwi in a single fruit. If you grow bromeliads indoors, you will need to pollinate the flowers yourself. One of the most impressive of the large Alcantarea bromeliads. As we produce bromeliads on a mass scale in our tissue culture lab, you can expect to buy them at an amazingly low price. I am also selling aspidistras, snake plants, renga rengas, canna edulis, bromeliads (Billbergia pyramidalis), 2 advanced flowering ash trees and aloe veras. After a few years of popping back and forth 'across the ditch', I'm glad to say I'm now back home and getting back into bromeliad sales, albeit more on a hobby level. Freshness: To maintain the highest quality standards, all incoming seeds are tested for viability. Andy's Air Plants, Penzance Cornwall. I'm hoping I can find a few new additions to tempt the seasoned collectors as well as bargains for those wanting to fill parts of the garden that are currently lacking a bit of tropical flair. In cultivation it does best in a tropical.. After Puya raimondii perhaps the worlds second largest bromeliad, this enormous, usually terrestrial bromeliad grows to 4 m tall with a huge rosette of 20 or more narrow, bluish green, ascending leaves with pendulous tips that can reach a length of about 10 m. It produces a short-stalked, club-like,.. One of the giants of the bromeliad family, this breathtaking plant is native to the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, where it usually inhabits steep granite outcrops to over 1500 m (5000 ft.). Many thousands of customer comments received over the years can testify to the quality of our seeds and friendly service. Experience: With experience dating back to 1987, Tobias W. Spanner is a renowned palm expert, leading member of the International Palm Society and has discovered and described several new palm species. Hechtia bracteata is a dominant component of thornscrub vegetation on d.. A stunning, small, clustering, terrestrial bromeliad native to Puebla and Oaxaca in southern Mexico that forms small rosettes of silvery, very spiky leaves. Hardy to drought an.. A lovely, small, terrestrial Bromeliad native to Paraná state in Brazil that forms small clusters of bright green rosettes with narrow leaves that are armed along the edges. With so many species are available for sale, most are rainforest plants so lighting and humidity needs to be suitable. Bromeliads, or ‘Broms’ as they are sometimes called, are part of a huge plant family with over 3000 species. exotic terrestrial bromeliad rare succulent seed 25 seeds. Native to southern central Chile, .. A mostly epiphytic bromeliad that forms a spreading rosette of straplike, green leaves and a short, solitary inflorescence with bright red bracts. Stored seeds are checked on a regular basis. It has broad, straplike, green leaves with a silvery sheen and smooth margins and produces an upright, pink inflorescence with blue flowers. Dozens of Bromeliads species to choose from. $7.99. Filter will stay active for the whole web site until it is manually reset. Seeds from hybrid cultivars will not produce plants identical to the parent but that may be quite variable. Other Clivia Seeds also available for sale (i.e. Right now we are a Mail Order Only Company. The Seed Bank provides a service to members of The Bromeliad Society of Australia, supporters of the Seed Bank and other interested enthusiasts, for the collection and distribution of all types of Bromeliad seeds from local and overseas sources. The pinnacle of tropical gardening. It does best in warm temperate climates in USDA Zone.. 'Hallelujah x Darth Vader', Hechtia - Dyckia - Deuterocohnia ssp. The large, well branched inflorescences produce pretty yellowish orange flowers. Secure payment with Amex, Mastercard, Visa or bank transfer. $4.99 On sale $0.01 Out of Stock Spanish Moss Generous Portion (1) Your Price: $4.99 In Stock Dykia Red Planet (0) Sale. Visit my website for information on Bromeliads and Air Plants for sale. With our huge range of species, you can get all your seed needs here and won't have to shop around. Customer satisfaction. We have a wide variety of collector bromeliads for sale. 5 out of 5 stars (59) 59 reviews $ 13.16. Bromeliads seeds sold in packet sizes from two to 100,000 seeds. Spanish Moss 1 cent with Plant order (0) Sale. Convenience: One-stop-shopping. .. A mix of at least 6 unidentified, terrestrial dwarf bromeliads. Guzmania lychnis is found in paramo vegetation mainly between 2700 and .. Advanced: Daily Deals ... 1 product rating - DYCKIA PLATYPHYLLA exotic bromeliad rare color flowering succulent seed 25 seeds. Where to find us. Worldwide shipping. An absolutely spectacular bromeliad from dry, rocky, high elevation grasslands of the Andes in Argentina in the provinces of Salta and Tucumán. The rest depend on birds and insects to spread pollen. NEOREGELIA TANGERINE. Originating mostly from The Americas, Bromeliads grow in a diverse range of climatic conditions. Discover the beauty of bromeliads. 'Hallelujah' and 'Darth Vader' are stunning hybrids with broad, reddish to black, intensely mottled or banded leaves. For customers outside of European Union (VAT does not apply). NEOREGELIA PEMIENTO. The Bromeliaceae or the bromeliads are a group of plants whose most well-known representative is the pineapple. If your bromeliads are primarily grown outdoors, it is likely that they will have been pollinated and can produce viable seeds. Bromeliads – Plants for Sale Bromeliads (plants) are readily available for sale in Australia with a range of sizes including, tissue culture stock, through to tube stock and advanced specimens. Bromeliads (plants and pups) need a well drained soil, they do well in pots or in the ground. This small, clustering bromeliad forms a dense cluster of rosettes with narrow leaves that are grayish below and green above. Wairere Nursery Ltd is a family run bromeliad and succulent nursery located in Waitakere, Auckland, NZ. In pots bromeliads do well in a fine orchid mix or even course sand. Hechtia galeottii is native to northern central Oaxaca, Mexico... An attractive, smallish, terrestrial bromeliad, widely distributed from the southern U.S. throughout Mexico to Guatemala, in canyons, valleys and on steep, rocky slopes. Guzmania lingulata is widespread in rainforests from southeastern Mexico and the Caribbean to Bolivia and Brazil, usually between sea level and 1000 m an.. A beautiful, rare terrestrial or sometimes epiphytic bromeliad that forms a moderately large rosette of broad, tongue-shaped leaves and a large, upright inflorescence with overlapping, reddish bracts and smallish yellow flowers. Mix. Free shipping. Widely popular in landscape use in central and southern Florida. Bromeliad seed, is referred to as tropical seed, i.e. Seeds from hybrid cult... At you can choose from the most spectacular selection of rare seeds in the world: palms, cycads, tree ferns, succulents, conifers, tropical trees and more, many not available anywhere else. Wholesale and retail quantities in packet sizes from two to 100,000 seeds are delivered worldwide. Free shipping. We are a specialist bromeliad nursery situated in The Pocket, a valley 30 minutes north of Byron Bay & two hours south of Brisbane. Randy’s Bromeliads was established in 2010 as a family operation devoted to providing quality bromeliads to collectors and enthusiasts. Bromeliad care and info. Our collection has grown to include over a 1000 varieties of bromeliads from over 40 genera. Shop today! Lobelia Gregoriana ssp Gregoriana - 10 Seeds - … Many reptile and amphibians love utilizing the axils of these epiphytes to access clean, fresh water but to also put their bodies in them if they are able to fit to provide a sense of security. The arching inflorescence is pink and orange-red. Wholesale and retail quantities in packets from two to 100,000 seeds. This can be a .. A terrestrial bromeliad, up to 3 m tall, distributed from southern Mexico and the Caribbean south to Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador, where it grows in savannas, scrublands and deciduous forests, at elevations up to 1500 m. It forms rosettes of upright, lanceolate leaves with sharp spines along the mar.. With around 3500 species, the bromeliad family or Bromeliaceae is a fairly large one. This large, clustering bromeliad forms rosettes of narrow, leathery leaves with spiny edges and drooping tips. We have shipped successfully to more than 180 countries. Bromelia species are widespread across much of Latin America and This stunning bromeliad is native to rainforests and cloud forests in southern Mexico and Central America between 300 and 1600 m and produces a compact, arching inflorescence with bright red bracts and yellow flowers. They are adapted to a very wide range of habitats, from tropical rainforests to deserts and high elevation grasslands above the tree line. Bromeliads – You can buy plants online by simply clicking “Add” under the photos below and then proceed to the checkout when ready.. Including VAT Get the best deals for neoregelia at Find great deals on eBay for bromeliads. It is best grown on very well drained ground in the warm temperate garden in USDA Zones 9 and above... A small, densely clustering bromeliad that can form large mats of small rosettes with silvery green leaves. Add to Cart. Nearly all species are native to the tropical Americas and most are epiphytes, growing on large trees and many on cliffs. The inflorescence is upright, sparsely branched and holds orange flowers. 760-436-3088 Phone +49-89-1577902 Buy It Now. Once the seed pod develops it is ready it will come off of the … Monika and Lawrence's story. This largest and most magnificent of all Bromeliads is native to the barren highlands of the Andes in Bolivia and Peru between 3200 and 4800 m. It forms a giant rosette of stiff, broad leaves atop a s... A beautiful and rare, small, clustering bromeliad with broad pale silvery leaves that narrow to a fine, elegantly recurving tip and are armed along the margins with prominent spines. It forms a large rosette of broad leaves to 1.5 m (5 ft.) in diameter. In cultivation they will do best in drier, warm temperate or tropical climates and can be used as a low-maintenance ground cover, alongside cacti, or as potted plants... A beautiful, moderately large, clustering bromeliad that forms neat rosettes of numerous, straight, narrow, pale green to silvery blue leaves that are spiny along the edges. Sold Out$29.95. Bird Rock Tropicals OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY CALL -760-436-3088 221 Princehouse Lane Encinitas 92024 CA. Aechmea coelestis makes a great ornamental for the trop.. A large, epiphytic bromeliad, widely distributed but uncommon in deciduous and semideciduous forests between sea level and 1700 m from central Mexico throughout Cental America and south to Ecuador. Bromeliads . Huge selection with 4,000+ species always in stock and 4,000 more seasonally available. This is a hybrid between the two cultivars. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. This is one of the most beautiful of the red Neo varieties with an overall green coloration and deep red hues spread around the leaves concentrating to the center of the leaf structures. Bromelia species are widespread across much of Latin America and the West Indies, and are characterized by flowers with a deeply cleft calyx, and rosettes of tough leaves. Perfect bromeliads for home gardens and landscaping. The Wild Pine.. A medium-sized, densely clustering, terrestrial bromeliad native to the seashores of southeastern and southern Brazil that forms rosettes of spiky leaves that are light green above and silvery below. Fosterella Villosula - Bolivian Bromeliad25 SeedsFosterella Villosula is a succulent Bromeliad from .. Lobelia Gregoriana subsp. Alcantarea Vinicolor x imperialis (Divine Plum) From $49.50. They are rather sparsely armed along the margins with small spines. Express shipping available to many destinations. This very attractive bromeliad is widely distributed in forests from Florida to tropical America and produces a compact, upright inflorescence with bright red bracts. Shop by category. 72 sold. Product Compare (0) Sort By: Show: Quick View. We generally suggest that all but experienced growers look for good quality tubestock and larger when buying online. A very spectacular overall presentation that has a medium growth habit at about 10" tall & 18"-24" wide. Yellow / Creamy and Dark Red - P.O.A.) In cultivation i.. Billbergia ssp. Bromeliads are a beautiful terrarium plant that not only thrive in humid, semi humid biomes, but are very unique in the aspect of their sizes, colors and shapes. I then grew my new batch of tillandsias in the open. It has broad, straplike, green leaves with spiny margins and upright, pinkish red inflorescences. A mail order bromeliad supplier in Florida. Products (Total Items: 28 ) Sort by: More results: 1 2 Next Page View All. (Central European Time, UTC+1). GROWING BROMELIADS FROM SEEDS HOW TO SOW BROMELIAD SEEDScheck out one of My … Seeds cost 50c per packet for Members and Seed Bank supporters (plus postage) or $1 per packet (plus postage) for all other enquiries. Many species have colorful leaves and are popular ornamentals. There is such a number of unusual plants in stock we feel the time is right to offer some our collection for sale. The species chosen were T. aeranthos, the similar T. bergeri and T. ionantha. Discount for large qty orders. There are over ... plant centre staff neglect tillandsias to such an extent that they may already be past hope at the moment of sale.

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